Puppy’s Favorite Chow

Dog food is a hit or miss business. Either all dogs love it, or it’s recalled for harmful ingredients or bad taste. Beneful doesn’t have that problem. Their ingredients are real and blended to perfection to allow the perfect variety of flavors in every doggy bite.
Puppies are playful creatures and with Beneful‘s puppy chow, you can keep them happy, healthy, and energetic with ease. They have high protein, high vegetable, healthy weight and original flavors as a variety to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible.

These are only some of the many flavors available for your small dogs and puppies:

  • Playful Life
  • Healthy Puppy
  • Healthy Weight
  • Originals

Playful Life is made with real beef and eggs to give your dog protein so they have energy enough for playing or running around in the great outdoors.
Healthy Puppy contains real chicken, peas and carrots plus DHA to help aid in brain and vision development.
Healthy Weight helps your pet maintain a healthy weight or lose a little weight until they’re their natural, healthy self again.
Originals with Real Salmon is available in a very wide variety of sizes from 3.5 pounds to 44 pounds. It’s rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The salmon flavor is the highest rated flavor in Beneful’s list.

All natural ingredients from local farms both animal and food make for a healthy food for a happy, healthy puppy. Go to your local Wal-mart  store or order online from Beneful!

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood


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Dick DeVos and His Lasting Legacy

With an amazing career in business that has seen partnerships with the likes of the Orlando Magic and The Windquest Group, Dick DeVos is a well-respected business man and entrepreneur. With more than twenty five years’ experience, DeVos has become well respected by many.

Devos began his career in the mid 1970’s where he where he worked for Amway Corporation. He stayed with Amway for many years working in a number of different positions gaining valuable experience. Eventually he got the desire to start his own company and he did just that when he founded the Windquest Group. Windquest has a variety of functions but primarily they focus on technology and manufacturing. Devos and his career as an entrepreneur were just beginning.

In the early 1990’s Devos’s family acquired the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Devos would eventually be appointed by his father to manage the team. During this time Devos developed a reputation as being honorable and community-conscious as a result of his work with the team. Despite some early doubters, he proved that he had the skills necessary to make the tough decisions to manage the team.

After great success working with the Orlando Magic Devos decided it was time to return to Amway. DeVos left his position as president of the Magic and return to Amway to be their president in 1993. Devos set out to restructure an grow the company. In just a short time they had expanded to more than 50 countries and all but one continent. Furthermore he helped to create Alticor, a parent company to Amway.

Devos saw continued success in his newest venture. He would eventually move on to focus his efforts on politics. Dick made a run for governor in the state of Michigan and he used his well established wealth to spend more than $40 million for the campaign. Devos lost the battle for governor, but the experience is one he valued greatly.

Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince and has seven children. He continues to be an active philanthropist and contributes to his community. DeVos efforts will continue to make an impact for a long time to come.

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Twenty Three Layers Throws an Unforgettable First Birthday

A themed event awakens magic inside all those who attend as they are captivated by clever decorations, a fitting menu, and elements that meld an idea with reality. This concept is specifically true for those who are especially impressionable: children. Twenty Three Layers, an event design company, happily took on the task of creating a farm themed first birthday party for Teddy.

Farm Table

Checkered table clothes, mason jar cups, and faux-grass are only a few of the many amazing elements that made guests feel as if they were really on a farm, and the children certainly could not get enough. Of course, what event would be complete without some absolutely sinful desserts? Though sinful in flavor, the innocent desserts adorning the specialized table included mini strawberry cheesecakes in little jars equipped with a useful popsicle stick, apple cider, scrumptious pies, animal-inspired cake pops, and plenty of farm fresh apples. All bases were truly covered at this party, and smiles were worn by everyone–especially the honorable Teddy.

Twenty Three Layers leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their events. No matter the theme, they ensure that every aspect of the affair will be fitting, and will force guests to be part of a truly magical setting. The New York City-based event planning company has plenty of experience due to their immense popularity and unique approach to a very competitive industry.

Without a doubt, their ability to tackle diverse events sets them apart from the rest. Most event planning companies stick to a few, common parties, such as weddings or anniversaries. Twenty Three Layers, however, does everything from magical weddings that radiate love, to one-year-old birthday parties that bring the city to the farm for a day full of fun, laughter, and memories that will not soon be forgotten. Their stylists are all professionals that exceed expectations by combining their personal expertise with standard industry staples, and that works wonders for creating elaborate, cost-effective affairs.

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Mark Sparks’ Spark Tank

I would like to tell you about Mark sparks the innovative social entrepreneur from Dallas Texas who runs and provides funding for integrative hot projects of social entrepreneurship from his private equity firm. Even though Mark Sparks never earned a college degree, he has managed to set up a network of highly successful ventures in his native state of Texas.

Learn more about Marc Sparks:


Today Mark Sparks would like to help others succeed like him in setting up their own Enterprises. Mark Sparks, humbly devoted to God, believes strongly in making the world a better place. In keeping with that Mark Sparks is looking for people that are passionate, hard-working and creative like him.

For this reason Mark and Lynn Spiora, Set up Spark Tank in organization to help social entrepreneurs achieve their goals through funding and support. If you think your organization could benefit from $5000 then maybe Spark Tank is for you. If you’re familiar with the show Shark Tank, spark tank and it’s methods will not surprise you.

Mark Sparks is seeking applicants that can provide a 10 minute presentation on their project along with means to measure success. A good example of a project that is benefited from Spartan is the Samaritan Inn. Which has used funds to improve its facilities and also improve lives in the community.

If you are interested please sign up before July, 15. Applicants must be a 501c3 organization with a minimum of two years history. Certain organizations such as human services, animal services, and the arts are eligible to apply, however, national charities, political action committees,United Way charities,and faith based initiatives are not eligible.

Faith based initiatives for non-religious purposes are eligible. If you feel your organization could benefit from sponsorship, why not take a chance and supply to Spark Tank? We love working with passionate people that want to change the world for the better.

Read more:

Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital
Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

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The Freedom Quest of Yeonmi Park, The North Korean Human Rights Activist.

Yeonmi Park is a young human right activist, who was born in North Korea’s city of Hyean near the North Korea-China border during Kim Jong-Il’s dictatorial regime. When she was still young, her family experienced a lot of cruelty from the dictator’s government, which forced them to flee their motherland and seek refuge somewhere else. He father was a civil servant, but due to the high living cost, he smuggled metal into the country for extra income to sufficiently provide for his family. Unfortunately, the government apprehended him for this crime, and he was sentenced to serve at the labor camp for seventeen years. Life became tough for Yeonmi and her family when he went to prison as they were also marginalized as part of his punishment.
When she was thirteen she told the Reason interview team, that the family decided that they had endured the harsh environment for long enough and started a mission in search of freedom. Yeonmi and her mother fled the country to China at night via the frozen river Yalu, while her elder sister fled to the North. Sneaking through the heavily guarded border needed a lot of courage. They didn’t have a clear idea of where they were headed but had the desire to leave North Korea for anywhere else where they could find freedom.

They arrived China safely but contrary to their expectation, their suffering continued for two more years. Yeonmi and her mother were captured by human traffickers, who harassed them in every way. The criminals traded Yeonmi as a sex slave for only 260 dollars, but her master released her later. She reunited with her mother and father, who had also escaped to seek asylum in China and be with his family. Her father later succumbed to untreated colon cancer.

Yeonmi then left Chin to continue with the quest for freedom, though she and her mother were greatly distressed by her father’s death. They trekked through the Gobi desert and had to withstand freezing night temperatures and a hot sun during the day. Later on, they managed to catch a plane to their final destination, which was South Korea. The traumatic adventures inspired Yeonmi to write and release a book on AmazonIn Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” which captures her moving childhood story.

Learn more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/it-was-a-dark-depressing-moment-north-korean-defector-yeonmi-park-on-freedom/news-story/f2733ecb6b7d1593feec80110863dd93

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Isn’t this new outfit JustFab!!

Summer is coming but your closet is too boring and outdated. Looking for all those summer must have outfits at a decent price that won’t break the budget? JustFab has those and many more for an amazing price with deals going on all the time for VIP members. VIP member, you say? Yes sign up to become a VIP member to have a stylist send you monthly fashions geared toward your style. When signing up with JustFab there is always an enticing deal that makes it even more fun and beneficial. How could you pass up a buy 1 get 1 deal on some of the cutest items out there? I know I couldn’t. Choose from sexy tanks and cute bottoms on https://plus.google.com/+justfab during the day out with friends to flowing maxi dresses for those hot summer nights or above the knee dresses for those sexy date nights, they have them all. And don’t forget you need accessories, purses, and shoes. Don’t worry they have those as well that will pair nicely with many of the outfits offered by JustFab. Your personal fashionista will send you recommendations that you can purchase from or be able to have new choices sent right to your inbox with a few simple clicks. With such a low price you will be able to grab many items to fulfill that monthly shopping need and get looking cute in no time. In addition to low prices, JustFab also offer free shipping for VIP members and purchases over $39. Also, when those items arrive to your door with speedy delivery, remember you will be able to review them to earn points to buy more of those cute outfits that are calling your name. Becoming a VIP member is just what your summer wardrobe is asking for so get on the app or website and sign up! What are you waiting for? 
Check this link http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm

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JustFab Has All Kinds Of Shoes That You’ll Love

You’ve looked all over town for a great pair of shoes and absolutely cannot find anything that you can wear for the evening. You know you need a pair of shoes that are stylish as well as beautiful looking, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for.

On the Internet, you discover the JustFab website, which means you’re in luck because they have over 1000 styles of shoes, and that means that you’ll be able to find any kind of shoes you’re looking for. Whether the shoes you’re looking for are tennis shoes, heels, flats, boots and more, JustFab has it all.

You’ll be able to shop on the website, possibly for hours because of the seemingly endless supply of shoes on the website. Many of the shoes are one-of-a-kind and unique to the website as well as being gorgeous. Many who like high heels, as well as boots, can find them on the JustFab website, and the prices are a lot less than what you may find in your local stores.

Many local stores, even ones that are found all over the country, may charge a lot of money for a pair of shoes, which means you’re likely going to be paying a lot more than what you pay when you shop at JustFab.

The way JustFab keeps their prices low is by creating a membership plan, which you can choose to join if you want. The VIP membership is available to anyone who wants it, and all it means is that you’ll save a lot of money.

Instead of paying the regular prices on the website, you can get 50% off of all the regular prices, and on top of that, you’ll be eligible for free shipping. In order to get free shipping, you’ll simply need to purchase the minimum amount required, and then you’ll have your items shipped free of charge to your home. Learn more about JustFab: https://www.instagram.com/justfabonline/?hl=en and https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/justfabulous

Those who are just starting out on the JustFab website will absolutely love it and will want to stay, and they’ll also get the first two pairs of shoes for only $39.95. On top of getting low-priced shoes, they’ll also get free shipping as well. Your membership can be canceled at any time, and the months that you choose not to shop on the website, you can choose to skip the month, which means you won’t be charged for the month. Read more: JustFab – Google+ and JustFab on Pinterest

Those who pay for any month can spend the money immediately or choose to save it up for a special purchase later on in the future. JustFab has a lot to offer, so visit the website today.

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Wen: Improving Your Hairstyles

On a recent web page, an article was featured written by s young woman who decided to put a highly buzzed about hair care product to the test. Wen hair by Chaz (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html) is a haircare line that offers a cleansing conditioner for all different types of hair. Sounds pretty basic, right? Well, the real attraction is that this product washes, conditions and acts as your styling treatment all in one bottle. With the hopes of getting to the bottom of this talked about product, this woman uses the cleansing conditioner for seven days and records her results with photos.
Wen hair by Chaz Dean has been sweeping in sales since becoming well known in the Hollywood scene. Chaz Dean, it’s creator and popular celebrity stylist made this product line to help women get the hair they’d always hoped for. with many varieties to fit your hair type, this product will help boost your overall hair health.

In just one day, the young woman could find an improvement. One day. She could feel extra volume in her normally thin hair, and was enjoying the softness she as never felt prior to this cleansing conditioner. Her words of advice? Use it in the morning to prevent oily roots. When you wash it and style as normal, you will find soft, shiny, voluminous hair and much quicker styling time as well. By the end she was receiving compliments at her very noticeable improved tresses. To see her transformation, visit this page: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Overall, the author of this article was pleased with her results. She was happy to see that Wen could in fact transform her hair and it gave her hope about the rest of the potential eBay customers’ success with it too. Wen by Chaz is a great product and it’s clear to see that it can improve the look of your hair in a short amount of time.


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George Soros’ Three-Point Plan for The Refugee Crisis in Europe

The refugee crisis is real in Europe. It is only second to the euro crisis. If not well handled, the refugee crisis could just as well disintegrate the European Union on http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/. But there is a way out. A well thought plan could turn the seemingly disadvantageous position into tangible benefits for the Europe. And EU does not need to do any extraordinary thing. They only need an effective plan. Something that will employ what is readily available at hand. They need to mobilize for financial resources, a specialized agency to handle the matter and most importantly, political goodwill.

In a well detailed three-point plan by George Soros, the refugee crisis can just as well be turned into something of the past by joint effort of EU without necessarily breaking its back. The article which was published via The New York Review of Books titled “Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees” is a well-thought plan that looks at all the available options, examines all the likely scenarios and give qualified solutions to the issue.

George Soros is an American philanthropist and investor with a far-reaching passion for assisting in the refugee crisis situation. For more than 30 years, George Soros has prominently championed democratic ideals and causes in more than 100 countries. He uses the Open Society Foundation as a vehicle for his charitable cause.

In the current refugee crisis, George Soros first questions the asylum policy that was arrived at from some EU-Turkey negotiations that have already led to the migration of thousands of refugees from Greece to Turkey. He sees this as a ploy by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and thus its position not truly European-centred as such. There is also the aspect of it being hugely underfunded and thus not being able to meet its expectations. Thirdly it is not voluntary and thus killing the humanitarian essence.

According to Soros, the first and most important issue is securing a political goodwill for a comprehensive refugee policy. This will rally all the member states of the EU on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527 to back a plan that solves the crisis in a far-reaching manner. Such members as Germany that appear to be holding an upper hand in what is to be followed are to be brought to the centre of the plan. Most important is to demonstrate how much important it is to hold hands in a ‘total’ solution that will have far-reaching implications.

Second is to sourcing for the needed funds. With the right political climate, sourcing for funds becomes a walk in the park. At least Û30 billion is required a year for fueling the plan. As much as the amounts may sound too high, EU can raise. One way would be to use the available tax avenues to generate the numbers. Another is to utilize EU’s triple-A credit rating to source for cheap funds internationally.

Once the political climate has been set right and the financial resources made available, George Soros recommends for the formation of a dedicated agency to organize for refugee accommodation. The refugees will be allowed to choose their preferred countries in Europe. They will be advised of countries that readily take in refugees and those that will take long on the line to gain access.

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Attorney Ross Abelow’s New Campaign

Ross Abelow is a New York based attorney that likes to stay close to the local community. He realized that people in the community were worried about the homeless animals that did not have any shelter during the cold, winter weather. The weather has been unusually brutal in the city. The days are cold and the nights are even colder. Ross Abelow decided to do something about the animals that were suffering during the brutal weather. He started a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for the animal shelters in New York City. The campaign’s goal is to raise $5,000 of needed funds for the shelters.

Needed Funds Supply Animal Shelters
Attorney Ross Abelow realized that the local animal shelters lacked enough supplies to adequately take care of the animals in their shelters. The additional funds raised should supply the shelters with needed items that include vaccines, medical care, blankets, and food for the animals at the shelter. Attorney Ross Abelow would like other people in the community that care about the health and well-being of animals to contribute to his GoFundMe campaign. Simply go to the campaign page and read more about the campaign’s message to the people and take time to make a welcomed contribution.

About Ross Abelow
Attorney Ross Abelow resides in New York City. He is registered as a practicing lawyer in the state. Attorney Abelow is sought by people all across the state because of his expertise and knowledge on the law. He has several specialties. The specialties include matrimonial law, family law, commercial law, and litigation law. Abelow has a very strong legal background. A strong legal background is the key to finding a legal representative that will have the knowledge, education, and experience to handle legal cases successfully for the client.

Ross Abelow attended NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. He has been licensed to practice law for over 20 years. Recently, Abelow decided to pitch in and help the community by starting a GoFundMe page that would raise funds for the local animal shelters in New York City. This is very typical of Ross Abelow to have concern for the local community and the animals that are needlessly suffering due to the lack of funds supporting the local animal shelters. Abelow assures all contributors that all the funds raised for the campaign will go directly to the animal shelters right in the local community.

Follow Ross Abelow on Twitter

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